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Renewable Energy is Possible... and Practical

Making the Case for Renewable Energy

  • The Rise of Renewables and Cleantech

    Renewables and cleantech are on a wave - hear from our experts how companies can catch it.

  • Fast 5: What is Cleantech & Why Should You Care?

    In this Fast 5, Rex Zhang and Mike Fraser of Schneider Electric define the difference between cleantech and renewable energy, the growth of cleantech, and the myth that cleantech is too expensive to implement.

  • The Renewable Revolution Session 1: The Revolution is Here
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      Key Topics Addressed

    • Grid access, price competitiveness, regulation + incentives & NGO’s fueling the revolution.
    • Second straight year of YOY triple-digit growth in renewables by C&I end users.
    • Multiple technology options, procurement structures and options exist globally.
    • Critical to establish internal buy-in as well as a clear roadmap for renewables integration.
  • The Renewable Revolution Session 2: Powering the Revolution
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      Key Topics Addressed

    • Various technologies powering the Renewable Revolution.
    • Turbine price reductions and efficiency improvements continue to reduce the average delivered cost of new wind installations, further fueling growth.
    • Fuel cell technology is rapidly evolving and provides a scalable, reliable, independent source of energy.
    • With its advancing technology, solar accounted for 32% of new electricity generating capacity in the U.S. in 2014.

Schneider Electric: Advancing the Renewable Energy Market